SKRAIDU - ON A HIGH ROAD OUT NOW! Twisted breakbeats, squeezed samples and electrified modular synths. Windowfactory's first single release on every streaming services. Next Skraidu song 6.3.2021...

On 26th of april 1986, same time when Chernobyl powerplant´s 4th reactor failed on a safety check and caused a massive explosion in Ukraine, 6 years old Skraidu was playing with his dad's acoustic guitar at his home in Lappeenranta, Finland. He set the guitar on his shoulder like a bazooka and pressed the echo chamber against his ear. Especially the vibration of the lowest string felt stunningly amazing in young Skraidu´s consciousness. Now, almost 35 years later, the results of these incidents may be heard in a song called On A High Road.

On A High Road is a broken lovesong. It is a madly driving drunk in an electrified Jaguar. It is Skraidu's and Windowfactory's first song on all streaming services.

The heartbreaking video for the song is made by Miss Kompro & Eliel Tammiharju