Electonic funk & soul oriented grooves and breaks

The Unisex @ Solekko-fest 2021
The Unisex @ Solekko-fest 2021

The Unisex - Long Dayz


Video by @smutty_marmoset

The Unisex - I Get High


Video by Ville Seppänen, Mikko Kaihovirta & The Unisex

Hellä Hermanni X The Unisex - Olivetti Lettera (remix)


GIORGIA official video

Video by The Unisex

Dancers: Helmi Räisänen, Vilma Kärkkäinen & Tiina Karttunen

Photographer: Valo Valve

Choreographic director: Anniina Tammi

The Unisex - Giorgia


The Unisex was formed by two Finnish drummers who ended up as quite well known Finnish rappers. After touring this small country for almost two decades they started to feel that the loop is too heavy. Something had to be done. Something that goes beyond words and limits of spoken language.

Couple of years ago they returned from a tour of another project and instead of going to a bar (as they usually do) they switched the main power on at the WNDWFCTR studio, turned the synths volume up and started jamming. Soon they realized that the music they were oscillating was something they thought they were supposed to avoid - or at least disagree. But also they had to admit, that god damn the shit was groovy.

Giorgia is the first official single release from The Unisex.

It is a combination of etheric atmosphere and eclectic rhythms.

It is influenced by live grooves and electronic drum sounds as well as human voices and loud parties.

The Unisex - Giorgia is published on almost every streaming services 14.5.2021

The Unisex is a two-headed and -bodied collective. Sound of The Unisex is inspired by huge amounts of molly they did when they were young and all those romantic comedies they had to watch when they had girlfriends.