Oikea Länsimetro giant poster. Size 216cm X 69cm. Limited edition. Contact us for your own copy.

About Oikea Länsimetro

Acrylic markers on plywood

192 cm x 600 cm

by Olois, Henks, Judo28 & Pietr
feat. Bogus, Hels, Galsa, Aztra, Krokuz, Arrow, Miok, Tuzby, Karjis, Davon, Soy, PQ, Aeros, Janica & Pötsi

Oikea Länsimetro is a collective art work consisting of six full size plywood pieces covering the total area of approximately 12 square meters in a specific order.

There has been around 20 individuals participating in the making of the work over the past six plus years.

The artwork has been made solely with acrylic markers. It started as an individual one plywood guestbook, which quickly took its shape portraying the orange Helsinki subway.

Soon after the first plywood was filled with different tags and sketches the main protagonists of the artwork (Olois, Henks, Judo28 & Pietr) carried the underground public transport from an plywood to another and noticed how the procedure resembled the ongoing constructions of Helsinki city's subway extension to the west (Länsimetro).

At Windowfactory-studio, in the small windowless bomb shelter during countless sessions everyone traveled through were free to join the ride and hop on and off on the imaginative stations that the artists had created.

Now you can have your own Oikea Länsimetro as an giant sized poster from WindowFactory. Feel free to contact us!